I have nothing but the utmost love, gratitude and admiration for Ashley. The book club sessions that she leads are honestly my monthly church! Through the discussions, meditations, manifestations she's done I've been able to build a stronger connection with myself and others, as well as a deeper understanding of what serves me. I can't recommend her services enough and definitely look forward to continuing my life journey with her. 

Nicole M.

Malibu, CA

I’ve recently begun to learn, understand and accept that I’m an energetic being experiencing myself through physical form. And that past emotional upsets create energetic blockages within me that if not healed and released will continue to bubble up and come out over and over again in the future. And that’s not fun! So I scheduled an appointment with Ashley. My first session was totally comfortable and very pleasant. She was able to diagnose two blockages within me that I’ve been holding onto for a long time without really realizing it. Then afterward she used her intuition to give me perfect guidance on how I can be aware of and transform any more blockages as I move forward. All I can say is throughout the next week I felt super light and so peaceful and that is not my “norm.” That’s all the evidence I needed! Thank you so much Ashley for your heartfelt care, guidance and service to my well-being!

Sean M.

Los Angeles, CA

My meeting with Ashley was the first reiki energy session I had ever done. Going into it, I really did not know what to expect, but I was curious and intrigued by the idea of healing through energy. I was honestly blown away!!! 


Ashley is extremely knowledgable and passionate about her work, and it truly shows. She was well-prepared for our session and used notes I had sent her earlier in the week to hone in on specific issues and goals. I loved how our meeting was very well organized and was comprised of different healing and therapy techniques. She taught me very helpful tools that I could employ in my daily life, gave me personalized homework to further my growth and checked in with me after our session regarding my progress.


I would absolutely recommend Ashley to anyone looking for natural forms of healing, including learning how to lower stress and anxiety and find more relaxation and peace. 


Erin F.

Los Angeles, CA

Working with Ashley has been a hugely effective way to bring clarity and purpose to my everyday experience. Not only does the session itself clear away anxiety and stress, her detailed guidance for the time between sessions continues to make a lasting impression on my life. Her coaching style marries the analytical and emotional sides creating the perfect mix of professional and approachable. And her Reiki practice is something that can only be experienced. My first session I went in not knowing what to expect and came out of it wondering how it was possible that she felt and expressed the same exact things I was thinking and feeling during the session. I could not recommend Ashley more!

Sharon C.

Santa Monica, CA

Ashley's practice has provided me with techniques to help with stress as well as activities to focus my attention. She does a phenomenal job of tailoring her approach to her specific clients to find customized solutions that work. Thanks to Ashley, I now have the tools and motivation necessary to get exactly where I want to be from a personal to professional level!

Marisa S.

Madrid, Spain

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