Mindfulness Workshop at Trailer Park (Hollywood)

Private workshop on April 8 and 18

Mindfulness Workshop at Chrysalis' Women's Empowerment Conference

Private workshop on April 6

Join us for our monthly spiritual book club where we dive into spiritual classes and experience the book's wisdom via a variety of exercises. These include group activities, meditations, mindfulness practices and breathwork. 

Past Event: Self-Energization Workshop

We all suffer from energetic ups and downs and these leave us feeling out of control and uninspired. We complain how tired we are and slide into a state of resistance. The good news is that often times these low energy states are self-induced, so we have the power to change!

During this one-hour workshop we will work with four internal tools to naturally increase our energy: choices, thoughts, words and breath. These four elements hold tremendous untapped power so next time you feel lethargic, instead of reaching for an unhealthy option you can self-ignite yourself. Through an array of activities including journaling, meditation and breathwork you will receive a clear road map on how to navigate your life in your natural state – pure energy and bliss!

June 1, 7-8pm 

Mystic Journey Bookstore, 1624 Abbot Kinney Blvd Venice, CA 90291


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